CMMS Helps maintenance departments move from doing corrective maintenance to preventive maintenance
which not only keeps the organization running more smoothly, but impacts safety and quality of life.
Generally, it is much less expensive to maintain something than it is to fix it after it breaks.
It also extends the life of the equipment.


CMMS - Standard Functions

- Asset Management.
- Spare Parts Management.
- Purchasing Management.
- Work order Management.
- Preventive Maintenance.
- Follow-up Projects.
- Follow-up Budgets.
- Reporting.

What returns can be expected?

- increased plant availability - by reducing down time.
- lower operating costs - by reducing overtime, spares inventory.
- prolonged asset life - by more effective maintenance.
- reductions in spare part inventory - by identifying parts through links to equipment.
- much improved control over preventive maintenance schedule and documentation.
- simplified access to maintenance data and statistics - through report generator.

Factors in Classic and Modern maintenance Management. 

Classic Maintenance Management

   Modern Maintenance Management

- Maintenance is heavily dependent on skilled and specialized trades persons

- No records are kept and much of the equipment history is inside people’s heads

- It is impossible to estimate maintenance costs

- High levels of maintenance related overtime are being worked

- Maintenance is a perceived by management as a necessary evil

- The greater amount of maintenance man hours is spent on unplanned work

- Maintenance is recognized by management as an integrated, essential part of production

- The Maintenance section focus is upon making equipment available through increased reliability

- There is an emphasis on analysis of the reasons for down time

- There is a commitment to planned work

- There is an emphasis on training

- Continuous improvement programs are in place

- Operators are involved in the maintenance of their equipment

We can sell you a licensed CMMS software, implement the software, train the maintenance employees to practice CMMS and offer technical support to solve any problems you encountered.

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