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IR FlexCam® Pro:

It’s where infrared technology has evolved.

The intelligent choice for high-end infrared cameras is clear. The award winning IR FlexCam® series offers the most advanced, intuitive, easy-to-use, highly sensitive, dependable, fully radiometric solution. And it can be viewed on the big screen!

IR FlexCam® T:

Outstanding image quality and instant non-contact temperature measurement. The IR FlexCam® T mid range camera provides performance AND value.

IR FlexCam® S:

Extremely affordable and easy to use portable, video rate infrared camera with centerpoint temperature measurement.

The OPTImizer+ from INCON continuously monitors power circuit breaker wear and condition using innovative, patented technology. The OPTImizer+ indicates status, issues alarms, and provides a data history of breaker operations. It interfaces readily with virtually any breaker both in retrofit and new installations.

Artesis’ revolutionary Motor Condition Monitor (MCM) uses the techniques of experimental modeling to assess and monitor the condition of electrical motors. Using only current and voltage signals, MCM can predict electrical and mechanical failures in both the monitored electric motors and any systems that may be connected to the motor. Detectable conditions include faulty bearings, misalignment errors, load imbalance and both rotor and stator faults.

The MotSafe device shall provide early warning of insulation breakdown in rotating electrical machinery. It shall monitor the idle machine continuously, with alarm levels in the range 1-10 Megaohms and shall disconnect automatically when the motor is energized. It shall be designed for the specified voltage rating and shall be independent of motor horsepower.


A rugged, easy-to-use portable thermographic system offering real-time IR technology for on-demand images with standard 320 x 240 pixel and enhanced 640 x 480 pixel resolution.

IR-InSight® T:

The IR-InSight T offers unmatched temperature measurement accuracy and the best image quality on the market. Easily pinpoint hot spots, accurately measure temperature and store images for immediate reporting.


Perform instant roofing surveys and grow your business. Now you can instantly and accurately identify roofing problems with IR-InSight, the affordable infrared camera. You can find damaged areas fast, detect developing problems, and make more thorough assessments even where damage isn't immediately evident. The IR-InSight is also the ideal tool for moisture detection in building restoration and mold prevention/remediation applications.


High performance, low cost, uncooled microbolometer focal plane array provides outstanding thermal imagery.

MAINTelligence Monitor

'All-in-One' Condition Monitoring

Monitor is the only system you need to build a comprehensive machine condition monitoring program. Vibration and lubricant analysis, as well as thermography, motor monitoring…its all here!

MAINTelligence InspectCE™

Automate your routine machinery inspections with this flexible inspection system. Using state-of-the-art portable instrument technology, you can throw away your clipboard forever!
The new InspectCE™ series of portable inspection devices automates data collection with a handheld computer using the powerful Microsoft Pocket PC™ operating system. InspectCE™ brings a new level of power, convenience and ease-of-use to the shop floor.

The MAINT elligence System

the complete solution!

The MAINTelligence system is a set of hardware and software components that manage your maintenance management including asset management, machinery condition monitoring, and routine PM inspections. Using a common database for all major maintenance functions makes MAINTelligence the world’s first truly integrated maintenance information management system.

The vb series Vibration Analyzer have been designed to simplify vibration analysis for users. All data Collection and Analysis functions are clearly presented in an intuitive menu-based system.

Frequency Domain (FFT Spectrum) data can be displayed which aids in diagnosing problems such as:

Unbalance, Misalignment, Best Shaft, Bearing Defects.

With a few quick key presses, data can be collected and displayed in the Time Domain (wave form) to quick diagnose and detect:

   -Electrical Line frequency Problems.

   -Gear Unbalance vs. Broken Tooth

   -Random Noise.

To keep electric motors and generators operating at peak efficiency and to maximize their useful life, it is vital to maintain commutators and slip rings in a perfectly round and smooth condition. Particularly with commutators, it is bar-to-bar height variations of adjacent bars rather than simply out of roundness that can cause a significant loss of output efficiency, increase power consumption, cause premature wear and damage of brushes, and even lead to serious breakdown problems.

- It measures and records commutator surface displacement, DC current, and temperature

- Precise measurement resolution of 1 micron. (0.04 mils).

The SDT 170S (Standard) is the entry-level point for the 170 platform and features standard airborne ultrasonic detection with an internal sensor. It is primarily used for compressed air leak and vacuum leak detection, verifying the tightness of seals in a car, plane, truck, train, clean rooms, vessels, ship hatch covers, etc…). It is a low cost solution for the detection of electrical problems (arcing, corona, tracking), inspection of steam traps, hydraulic and pneumatic circuits, cavitating pumps, and general mechanical inspections where trending and measured data is not critical.

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