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Our Mission



Promaint Maintenance Solutions was established to provide clients with maintenance improvement capabilities for Electric Machines such as large motors,  generators and  Transformers used by power utilities and heavy industry throughout Egypt, Middle East and East Africa. Our clients include Power Producers, Cement Factories, Steel Factories, Aluminum industry and Petroleum Industry. The goal of Promaint Maintenance Solutions is to ensure excellent quality Maintenance that will continuously meet the stated and implied needs of our customers.


 Company Profile



- Repair and service of Electric Motors, Generators and Transformers.


- Maintenance and Service Contract.


- Proactive Maintenance (Conditioning Monitoring).


- Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and Enterprise Asset Asset Management (EAM).


- Logistics and Industrial Supplies.


- Training.


Our Products




Promaint can offer the products which help you in your Maintenance Programs.

You can buy Predictive Maintenance products (software, sensors, condition monitoring, etc.), Computerized  Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and many other related products.

Our business was built on the sales and service of Maintenance Programs. Also we introduce technical support to our products to solve any related problems you have or you will have.



Our Services




Our service philosophy is built upon the concept of "Continuous Improvement". To achieve the highest standards in service efficiency, expertise and competitive pricing we hire the best people and use only the finest tools. This is how we can live up to our promise to be "Your partners in reducing maintenance costs".

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